Favorite Things: Writing and Resting

The cool think about getting older is the ability to learn about myself. More especially, to get quicker and smarter about how to manage my moods and push a reset when life doesn't feel so good. Here … [Read more...]

The Preciousness of Paper

Here is an excerpt from my writing practice, the "morning pages" that I have adopted recently and which I am doing the old-fashioned way, with paper, pen, and a book. A book by the way, that is … [Read more...]

Your Mind is Your (Almost) Greatest Ally – 4

It takes effort and energy for most of us to discover consistent happiness. That energy is fueled by power. Understanding where your true power and authority exists is one of the fundamental tools in … [Read more...]

I Don’t Subscribe to Us vs Them – 3

It is tempting, and it can get confusing. Anytime I sort a group into us and them, problems arise just from the mechanics. Because none of us is uni-dimensional, we cannot say for certainty that any … [Read more...]

Only Thinking Makes it So #1

[I started a writing project in "Bali":http://www.flickr.com/photos/beachwalks/sets/72157600290396487/ a few months ago and am releasing it to the world under cover of "National Blog Posting … [Read more...]