I Live on Maui, So You Don’t Have To

Apologies for the snark in title, though thank you, if it got your attention! Since I am blogging daily for July (#NaBloPoMo and #BlogHer) I am enjoying the freedom to toss out some casual and … [Read more...]

Spiritual Humor from The Universe to You

Who is the guy pointing at the hubcap, you may be wondering? It's Scott, who took two Divine Openings Mini Retreats this month. He has a great story of Spiritual Humor from The Universe to You. Here … [Read more...]

Laugh and The World Laughs With You

One of the funnest things we do at Divine Openings retreats and get-togethers is LAUGH. I would say we even aim more for laughter than for deeply moving sacred moments - those come without effort when … [Read more...]