Every Day is A Good Day

You were expecting something else? Grab a platitude or two, take 'em off the wall or off the pedestal, and put 'em to work in your life! I have this confused relationship with metaphors. On the one … [Read more...]

Managing the Time-Space Continuum from a Spiritual Perspective

The piece of consciousness here I am chewing on lately relates to the time-space game we enter here "on this earth, in this body." I must say my small self gets confused when seemingly big hard things … [Read more...]

Web Technology Seminar Series

Shane and I are building out the KnowHow Cafe, a place to learn about the social web. We are creating courses to teach people about blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and how to build your personal and … [Read more...]

Your Mind is Your (Almost) Greatest Ally – 4

It takes effort and energy for most of us to discover consistent happiness. That energy is fueled by power. Understanding where your true power and authority exists is one of the fundamental tools in … [Read more...]