Mini Consciousness Retreat in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Get Blissed with Benefits at this three-hour mini consciousness retreat in Bloomfield Hills, MI - the Detroit metropolitan area. Bliss with Benefits is how I describe the easy experience of … [Read more...]

Divine Openings Mini-Retreat in Florida

Would you like a mini-retreat filled with ease and light-hearted energy that will have a profound effect on your life? I will be offering a three hour mini-retreat on Sunday, December 5th sharing … [Read more...]

Understanding My Power

For much of my life I have been in confusion over my power. Like so many other people, for the first 35 years I worked diligently to ignore it, in favor of "fitting in." Fitting in always seemed to … [Read more...]

Silence is Divine

I talked a little bit about the 5-day silent retreat I took in April. It has had a wonderful effect in my life, and in the lives of many people around me. Life is so interesting because there are … [Read more...]