On Suicide and Consciousness

I am weird - I know that. My main goal in life is consciousness, translated on the street as a moment to moment remembering of my divinity. So when something out of the ordinary happens, I appreciate … [Read more...]

Doing the Work of Consciousness

A friend of mine recently shared with me, The Work of Byron Katie. I spent some time with it last week and it was very powerful in shifting some things for me. So I want to share it with you as well. … [Read more...]

Are You Addicted to Seeking?

There is this catch-22 for many spiritual people or those seeking various forms of enlightenment or manifestation of more [fill in your wishes here]. We have this gut sense that things could or should … [Read more...]

Physical Healing: I Felt My Shoulder Relaxing

Here is Shaina's story of physical healing with divine openings. The energy was clear, present, palpable and immediately impactful. A distinctly different experience than the Openings I’ve been … [Read more...]

January 12, 2009 Head Banger Happiness

I am sometimes prone to constipation. I woke in the middle of the night with lower GI cramps. While in the bathroom, I had a case of stinkpot syncope! Apparently a little straining in the netherlands … [Read more...]