How to Be Awesomer: Stop Believing Everything You Think

My partner forwarded this TedTalk video to me today, Why Aren't We Awesomer featuring Michael Neill. (Scroll down; I embedded it for you.) Partner and I have really had a challenge lately; so many of … [Read more...]

Shark Week: An Opportunity for Consciousness

How often do you think of sharks and consciousness in the same moment? It occurred to me today, how we have a choice whether or not to plug into OPD - other people's dramas. Nearly 10 years ago, I … [Read more...]

Putting Myself First – Want to Join Me?

Since I have committed to blogging daily for the month of July (connecting with #NaBloPoMo and #BlogBoost), I see this as an opportunity to jot down some of the sticky notes that hang out on the walls … [Read more...]

Joining BlogHer for a Decade of Blogging

Woohoo! BlogHer celebrates a decade and this month I am honoring them, you, and me by attempting to blog once a day for the 31 magical days in July. I started this here blog in 2004. I had started … [Read more...]

Every Day is A Good Day

You were expecting something else? Grab a platitude or two, take 'em off the wall or off the pedestal, and put 'em to work in your life! I have this confused relationship with metaphors. On the one … [Read more...]