Benefits of To Thine Own Self Be True

People don’t often see the connection between “to thine own self be true” and being able to stay calm and clear under pressure. But what I’ve seen is that when you understand your true nature and … [Read more...]

People Who Get Stuff Done, Rule!

I've learned so much and it's amazing what my blog has done for my business. People didn't know about me. Now they Google, and I show up. That's even how I got an intern! She Googled "10 Best … [Read more...]

The Flip Side of Post Maui Depression

In yesterday's post, I got a little bit distracted once I started thinking about the many awesome Maui bloggers and ways that visitors can tap into the Maui vibe after heading home. The better your … [Read more...]

I Live on Maui, So You Don’t Have To

Apologies for the snark in title, though thank you, if it got your attention! Since I am blogging daily for July (#NaBloPoMo and #BlogHer) I am enjoying the freedom to toss out some casual and … [Read more...]

The Pursuit of Happiness

This being the Fourth of July weekend in the USA, there are lots of people talking about the Declaration of Independence. Remarkably, in my opinion, to have this phrase embodied in our founding … [Read more...]