Getting Pleasure from Dropping in on Other People’s Lives

I've been spending the last hour reading blogs from friends of mine here on Maui. My friend Visit her blog for all sorts of fun and inspiring and beautiful things. Liza Pierce started a Facebook … [Read more...]

Gibbous Moon Rise Beach Walk

I went to the beach this evening with Lexi Dogg in a melancholy mood (the vog has been in town today) and ended up "focusing my lens" on the beauty that was all around me. This post is a photo walk, … [Read more...]

When Other People “Change” Effortlessly

  When I returned home from my 5-day retreat and initiation into being a Divine Openings Giver, I was taken aback by my partner's lack of curiosity about the experience. At one point early in my … [Read more...]

January 6, 2009 Gratitude List

I've been really cranky lately. Yes, I have the usual garden variety of external things (read: excuses) that might explain it. But since many are things I cannot immediately change, I choose to … [Read more...]