I Questioned Authority and Consciousness Answered

Is it weird in here, or is it just me? - Steven Wright Life is full of platitudes and paradigm shifts these days: the inspiring graphics are all over Facebook and Instagram. Walking the talk is not … [Read more...]

Gratitude – Not Just A Platitude

Gratitude - it's something that actually works. Too often it is in the "You Should" department, however it really belongs in the "It Works" department. Can you feel the difference in energy? The … [Read more...]

Grateful for Everything, Yes Everything

I updated my blog software today before adding a new entry; the whole thing broke! It was due to a plug-in incompatibility. It fit in perfectly with what I had logged in to write about! One of my … [Read more...]

Miracles for Me and You

We have this concept of miracles - throughout time they have occurred, things we cannot understand or explain with our current knowledge, but that are indisputable even if they seem to happen rarely … [Read more...]

January 7, 2009: Gina Gratitude

I started this list yesterday, to help relieve my funk. Today I woke up happier. My focus improved. I had this awareness that it is difficult for new ideas that are not of my own making to find … [Read more...]