Episode 6: God as Cheerleader, not Helicopter Parent

Hello, my name is Roxanne Darling and this is In the Transition podcast. Today, I’m talking about something I call Godness - or the nature of God, Spirit, Source and how I choose to be in … [Read more...]

Sacred Without the Trappings

Divine openings is this very real, very powerful opening of a portal, a transfer of grace, a direct connection to source - all of these words are true though none tell the whole story in and of … [Read more...]

How Does Bin Laden’s Death Fit Into Consciousness?

The energy that has been created upon the news of Osama bin Laden's assassination is vibrating at such a high level here in my corner of the universe - the United States of America. It gives us … [Read more...]

One of the Highlights of My Week

Not only is Roxy's mastery apparent in leading the conversations, but her voice is gentle, soothing and so non-threatening that it's as if I am talking to an old friend. Then just when the … [Read more...]

Meet My God

I am facilitating a Divine Openings Book Club this summer (read more here) as we read Lola Jones' book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence. In session 3 there is a discussion of God, (aka the … [Read more...]