With Love, For You, from The Field on Maui, Mahalo Rumi

I am loving the embed code options on Instagram. So now we get to share these images together here! For my hashtagging friends: With #love #foryou from #thefield #maui #rumi Love, … [Read more...]

My Mind Was Closed Today

Today I close my mind and open my heart, letting go of things I used to believe were essential or true. I posted that on Facebook as I embarked on an 18-hour journey home to Maui after a week in … [Read more...]

The World Does Not Need Another Self-Help Book

Or so says my monkey mind. I agree with her this time actually, the world does not need another self-help book. However it also does not "need" another skyscraper, or painting, or novel, or mass … [Read more...]

Free Live Webcast: Everyday Consciousness

Please join me this Friday for a free, live webcast to talk about taming those voices we all have in our heads! It is one of the fastest ways to make things happen in your life that you actually … [Read more...]