Free Live Webcast: Everyday Consciousness

Please join me this Friday for a free, live webcast to talk about taming those voices we all have in our heads! It is one of the fastest ways to make things happen in your life that you actually … [Read more...]

The Power of Parallel Universes

You can live in the midst of all kine stuff and not be a part of it. Sit with that for a moment and feel the power of that concept. Noodle on all the things you are safe to ignore. I was listening … [Read more...]

Gratitude – Not Just A Platitude

Gratitude - it's something that actually works. Too often it is in the "You Should" department, however it really belongs in the "It Works" department. Can you feel the difference in energy? The … [Read more...]

The Power of Reclaiming My Power

Note: I wrote this out a few weeks ago. Since then, the high vibrational energy has escalated so I want to share it with you. Please "download" as much of it as you wish! Love, Rox When I first … [Read more...]

Great Questions Posed by Participants

Rox is a gentle loving guide through the ins and outs of Divine Openings. Her joyful passion is so refreshing. She answers questions directly and offers broader perspectives to challenging … [Read more...]