Meet My God

I am facilitating a Divine Openings Book Club this summer (read more here) as we read Lola Jones' book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence. In session 3 there is a discussion of God, (aka the … [Read more...]

Life is a Game – Let the Divine be your helper!

It's easy to confuse the spiritual plane with the human plane. I look at all of life like a game - we are here to play! That means as humans we take on many roles, and of course, sometimes we "lose." … [Read more...]

How To Determine If You Are Ready for Change

Whenever I am doing random things around the house, like this morning as I was just changing the sheets on the bed, my mind is often thinking about, How do I describe the process and the allure of … [Read more...]

My Results from Divine Openings

Since I have been giving and receiving Divine Openings, I have found the experience of it to be profound and the description of it in words to be quite lacking. For years I have lived by the notion, … [Read more...]