Physical Healing: I Felt My Shoulder Relaxing

Here is Shaina's story of physical healing with divine openings. The energy was clear, present, palpable and immediately impactful. A distinctly different experience than the Openings I’ve been … [Read more...]

Sorting the Large Self from the Small Self

Long before Divine Openings came into my life, I used the framework of having multiples "me's" inside me. The adult and the inner child. The #1 or the #2 personality. The functional mind or the monkey … [Read more...]

Learn About Divine Openings at Body Mind Spirit Expo

The Body Mind Spirit Expo is one of the longest running public events supporting natural health, green living, personal development, and spirituality. It will be meeting here in Honolulu at the … [Read more...]

Divine Openings is a Consciousness Upgrade

I received an email from Lola Jones today and the words she used to describe this process are beautiful and accurate from my perspective as a receiver and giver of Divine Openings. I wanted to share … [Read more...]

How To Determine If You Are Ready for Change

Whenever I am doing random things around the house, like this morning as I was just changing the sheets on the bed, my mind is often thinking about, How do I describe the process and the allure of … [Read more...]