Good or Bad, Right, Wrong = Myths Among Us

Nicotine may be beneficial to those with memory impairment and Alzheimer's. I guess it doesn't make sense to just call it a bad drug anymore. My sister sent me a link that set off a delightful … [Read more...]

Seeing Forgiveness as Arrogance

I am sitting at the beach before sunrise having undigested thoughts. Got the call an hour ago that my father will likely die today. I thought of forgiving him for the things he did in his life that … [Read more...]

A Picture Worth a Thousand Memories

My Dad has been wrangling cancer for over 15 years - it considers him some sort of proving ground I guess. Prostate. Malignant Melanoma. Bladder. Adrenal. Pancreatic. It appears that he may be winding … [Read more...]