Grateful for Everything, Yes Everything

I updated my blog software today before adding a new entry; the whole thing broke! It was due to a plug-in incompatibility. It fit in perfectly with what I had logged in to write about! One of my … [Read more...]

January 6, 2009 Gratitude List

I've been really cranky lately. Yes, I have the usual garden variety of external things (read: excuses) that might explain it. But since many are things I cannot immediately change, I choose to … [Read more...]

What’s My Responsibility?

I had a dream last night in which I was in a car with other adults going to a very adult event like a classical music concert. For some reason, we stopped near a school. There was a boy in the car in … [Read more...]

I Love Cranky Clients!

We have been working on a large site (1000 pp +) re-do for 3 years. We had design approval and were 85% completed about 12 months ago, when the client decided she didn’t like it. So we started … [Read more...]