A New Idea: The Three You’s

Just in time for your end of the year contemplation, for family holiday visits, for my birthday, and because it's ready, I present to you my new eBook, The Three You's: How to Break Frustrating … [Read more...]

A Feeling of No Limits

When I took the mini-retreat with you, at one point you responded to my comments with the word "Fear." I was kind of shocked because I'm one of the most fearless people I know, but it hit a very deep … [Read more...]

The Physics of Grace and Rest

I have always loved science and do not think of it as being in competition with spirituality. Instead, I use it to explain things we have heard but never quite got anchored into who we really … [Read more...]

Using the Past to Understand “Create Your Reality”

The notion of "you create your reality" is popular in many personal development circles, and was born out of our increasing understanding of both quantum physics and spiritual insights. Some people … [Read more...]

Divine Openings is a Consciousness Upgrade

I received an email from Lola Jones today and the words she used to describe this process are beautiful and accurate from my perspective as a receiver and giver of Divine Openings. I wanted to share … [Read more...]