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I use a specialized form of coaching to help people build a sense of inner joy and freedom as they set out to achieve their outer goals, without sacrificing one for the other. My clients are typically those who work in stressful or chaotic environments and those who know they’ve been holding back parts of themselves that want to be expressed. What I’ve seen is that the smarter or more competent a person is, the more attached they become to their own status quo. So what I do is help them acknowledge they are living in both a spiritual and a practical world, so they can feel safe to claim their true genius and take command of their own agenda regardless of what is going on around them.

A Little Bit About Me

I ran away from home for the first time, at age 9. Typical of me, I wore my best Sunday dress, a navy blue suit, and packed a small suitcase with peanut butter crackers to survive the long haul. I only made it for about 6 hours, but I tasted freedom for the first time and I was now on a mission to get more of it. You see, I am one part a radical free thinker yet also attuned to protocol and practical reality, or “much more than meets the eye.”

I ran away the third time when I was 17, to look at colleges in California for 5 days. I had snorkeled in the Bahamas over spring break and that beauty rocked my world! I made a last minute decision to be a marine biologist instead of a political scientist. Bye bye Georgetown, hello University of California, Berkeley.

I did well in college and was very supported by several professors. I went on to work for one of my mentors, Dr. Ken Norris, after graduating in 1975. But the project manager on the grant where I was assigned, was old school male chauvinist. Though I was hired as a field biologist, he put me behind a desk (with a raise and an assistant though) and I suffered in silence for a year. The words “gender discrimination lawsuit” had not really landed in my consciousness at that time.

This odd mix of radical (runaway, hippie, anti-war protestor, pot smoker) attached to protocol (don’t complain at work, and by the way, just work. All the time. It’s what you do.) continued. In some ways it reflects the tension I have felt between inner me and outer me much of my life. Do you have that tension?

The good news though was that I was willing to make changes, even if I did them within the safe boundaries I created for myself. Having tasted freedom of being on my own at age 9, many things were put in motion that were unstoppable. I committed myself to being a student of consciousness. That has been the foundation for virtually everything else I have done in my life, even (especially?) those things that look like so-called normal pursuits on the outside. If you are interested in the outer accomplishments of my life, you can read my work bio over on my company blog at Bare Feet Studios.

Then I Tried Something Very Out of the Ordinary

In 1993, I started working with a conscious channel, Ava Brenner, who is the voice of the un-embodied entity known simply as “The Guys.” What I am sharing with you is the information, the energy, and the framework I have been learning from The Guys these past two decades. It is vast, it is deep, it is life-changing. For those of you who are tired of the same old and know in your heart and mind there is something more, you are correct. There is. It is an entirely new game, one that exists in many contrasts to how humans (and animals to some extent) have lived and worked for thousands of years.

The enormity of it is counter-balanced by the simplicity though. You can get a small taste of it by reading my eBook, The Three You’s. You can sense the energy of it by reading my blog and connecting with me on social media. And you can begin to implement this awesome system of personal freedom and empowerment by joining my email list, booking private sessions, and attending the programs I offer. I am so excited to be part of a community of smart, heart-open people who have chosen to live on the frontiers of technology, spirituality, consciousness, and humanity. Thank YOU so much for Being Here Now.

Why Work with Me?

I have over 25 years experience as a coach and workshop leader, having worked for Johnson & Johnson and through my own practice since 1986. I have assisted private clients in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and Botswana – from CEO’s to factory workers. I have been a conflict mediator and inspirational keynote speaker, having trained with Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. I am a certified yoga instructor and one of the pioneers of mind-body fitness starting back in 1984. I have worked with the channeled entities, The Guys, since 1993. I self-published “30 Days to Body Esteem” and was featured in an hour-long CNN documentary, as well as in numerous print, TV, and web publications around the world.

Roxanne Darling has been featured on CNN, Vogue, Huffington Post, Medium and many more and been a speaker at countless events including SXSW.

I have given guided meditation programs in the US, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Singapore, and was an early mind-body presenter at Rancho La Puerta Spa. I am currently writing a memoir.

As a business owner, consultant, speaker, and coach, I work with my clients to integrate modern principles of consciousness, mindfulness, and spirituality into their day to day challenges and lifelong dreams. My clients repeatedly have breakthrough moments as they learn to get out of the way and let big energy assist. I credit my clients’ successes and the any awards I have won to this spiritual approach to business. I’m the host of a popular internet TV show, Beach Walks with Rox, since 2006, which has had over 2.5 million downloads.

I bring compassion, warmth, kindness, humor, and intelligence to my sessions. I love seeing people light up as they unplug from recurring patterns that have been holding them back from experiencing joy and success in their personal and professional relationships.

To all of this work I bring my love of consciousness. It informs workflow, client relationships, and even product ideas. The Field aka the Universe has access to so much more possibility than my limited human brain! I am frequently amazed at the ideas that show up and the problems that get resolved.

Want to know more? Drop me an email so we can chat one-to-one. Please enjoy the field of grace and intelligence I have created and tapped into here on my website. You can find out more about having a private session here. Do be sure to join my email list too for Inbox bliss and retreat announcements.

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