The Power of Parallel Universes

You can live in the midst of all kine stuff and not be a part of it. Sit with that for a moment and feel the power of that concept. Noodle on all the things you are safe to ignore. I was listening … [Read more...]

Living Happier with Less Pressure

If consciousness means anything, it means learning how to interact with the pressure that comes along with being human. Using it to my advantage, not just letting it build out of control because I am … [Read more...]

The Power in Choice, the Power in Effort – 11

In my case, walking behind the smoker, the faster I realize "none of this matters," my power awakens and my mind begins to look for alternatives and my emotions get out of the pity pot and my body can … [Read more...]

Discrepancies in Our Dogma – 10

In my immaturity, I believed that Bali was better than the USA. I had a very profound experience here on my first visit 10 years ago. I felt like I could be more of me here than anywhere else. The … [Read more...]

Being Happy with Choices I Make – 9

I was able to experience happiness by having my need for food (I had only eaten breakfast that day) and my desire to return home safely both met. Your mileage may vary. Some people dislike solitude … [Read more...]