Joining BlogHer for a Decade of Blogging

Woohoo! BlogHer celebrates a decade and this month I am honoring them, you, and me by attempting to blog once a day for the 31 magical days in July. I started this here blog in 2004. I had started … [Read more...]

Maya Angelou and Me, On Being Human

"The same issues that face and beleaguer every human being in the world and still do, have beleaguered me and still do. So that the challenge for me to meet you this morning, to get up, defy gravity; … [Read more...]

The Preciousness of Paper

Here is an excerpt from my writing practice, the "morning pages" that I have adopted recently and which I am doing the old-fashioned way, with paper, pen, and a book. A book by the way, that is … [Read more...]

The World Does Not Need Another Self-Help Book

Or so says my monkey mind. I agree with her this time actually, the world does not need another self-help book. However it also does not "need" another skyscraper, or painting, or novel, or mass … [Read more...]

The Power of Parallel Universes

You can live in the midst of all kine stuff and not be a part of it. Sit with that for a moment and feel the power of that concept. Noodle on all the things you are safe to ignore. I was listening … [Read more...]