In the Transition is Now a Podcast, Too

I've been thinking of starting an audio podcast for about a year now. It's something I didn't want to rush; the process of letting it come to me (as compared me to forcing it into existence) was a … [Read more...]

Life is a Game – Let the Divine be your helper!

It's easy to confuse the spiritual plane with the human plane. I look at all of life like a game - we are here to play! That means as humans we take on many roles, and of course, sometimes we "lose." … [Read more...]

Using the Past to Understand “Create Your Reality”

The notion of "you create your reality" is popular in many personal development circles, and was born out of our increasing understanding of both quantum physics and spiritual insights. Some people … [Read more...]

Keys to the Universe

itt-2005-07-21.mp3 [6.2mb (13:20) 64kbps] Locking my keys in the truck has never been so much delight! I have a deep love for humanity - especially in its fringier forms. Listen up and meet a few of … [Read more...]

Podcast: Beach Walk with Rox – Sharks

itt-2005-05-23.mp3 [5.1mb (10:32) 64kbps] Sites mentioned in the podcast: Beyond Fear: Tiger Shark Attack on Discovery Channel This docudrama was my screen debut - I played the friend of the woman … [Read more...]