Learning to Love Time

Does time get the better of you? It did me - or at least I pretended that it did. Watch how I am re-creating my relationship and learning to love time. Many of my friends report being tired of … [Read more...]

Melting Resistance to Change – a Fun and Easy Way

Resistance. What a concept! Resistance to change. Resistance to caring for yourself, resistance to letting the world know about your abilities. It weaves in and out of my life (yours too I am … [Read more...]

Sacred Without the Trappings

Divine openings is this very real, very powerful opening of a portal, a transfer of grace, a direct connection to source - all of these words are true though none tell the whole story in and of … [Read more...]

Get Grace, Not a Guru

We live in the age of DIY, of personalization and customization. Or peer to peer networks and the democratization of information. So naturally, along comes a gateway to enlightenment that embodies all … [Read more...]

Your Genes are Fluid

Your genes are fluid. And so are mine - in fact mine might be just a tad more fluid because of one simple fact. (wink wink) Breaking news in DNA Research! Scroll down to see the update on this post! … [Read more...]