The Preciousness of Paper

Here is an excerpt from my writing practice, the "morning pages" that I have adopted recently and which I am doing the old-fashioned way, with paper, pen, and a book. A book by the way, that is … [Read more...]

Serendipity and the Spiritual Aspect of the Internet

bq. "You get this tremendous serendipity where I can search the internet and come across a site that I did not set out to look for." - Tim Berners-Lee The citation is from the "BBC … [Read more...]

Welcome Mary

There's a new blogger on the block. And it's a woman! Not that that matters, but it somehow does. I mean there are plenty of women in technology, yet the math still works out that there are far more … [Read more...]

The Digital Divide Begins at Home

Remember that phrase – the digital divide? It was popular a few years ago as it appeared that middle to upper class urbanites were embracing technology easier, faster, and cheaper than those in … [Read more...]