On Suicide and Consciousness

I am weird - I know that. My main goal in life is consciousness, translated on the street as a moment to moment remembering of my divinity. So when something out of the ordinary happens, I appreciate … [Read more...]

How to Be Awesomer: Stop Believing Everything You Think

My partner forwarded this TedTalk video to me today, Why Aren't We Awesomer featuring Michael Neill. (Scroll down; I embedded it for you.) Partner and I have really had a challenge lately; so many of … [Read more...]

Applied Consciousness: When Friends Fight

In the past year I have experienced several bone-chilling and what felt like back-breaking challenges in my own relationships - several of them! I have also been witnessing this with several friends … [Read more...]

From Slime to Sublime, It’s About the Game You Play

From my hand-written journal: It still feels so unlike me to put my pen and penmanship to these beautiful pages! A voice inside says, "you mean to soil these pages?" and such is the depth of old … [Read more...]

I Assume Everyone Loves Me

And for those times when they are not feeling it, it is only because something in me, has pushed some button or issue in them. How did I arrive at this? By applying my Rox 180 rule. I simply the … [Read more...]