Saying Goodbye to Research

My early college training was as a scientist. I have been a lifelong student of learning. I have placed tremendous value on research and fact-finding. Yet today I am saying goodbye to the … [Read more...]

Planning Podcamp Hawaii v1

Mobile post sent by rox using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3 … [Read more...]

Copyright Gets Caught in the Middle

One of the biggest impacts the internet has had on creativity and business is the expanding discussion of copyright. "Chuck Olsen": got me … [Read more...]

What’s My Responsibility?

I had a dream last night in which I was in a car with other adults going to a very adult event like a classical music concert. For some reason, we stopped near a school. There was a boy in the car in … [Read more...]

Peer to Peer: we are all teachers and we are all students

It's often said how the internet is making many arenas more of an "an even playing field." Customers have more power, companies have less, in many situations. I think the transfer of power is a direct … [Read more...]