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Roxanne Darling in the fieldSmart ambitious people are often the first to realize when things aren’t working, but solutions can be elusive as we try harder and harder to “work on ourselves” or think that applying mental discipline will do the job. If you have reached the point where your favorite tips and tricks are not generating results any more, keep reading!

I use a simple yet profound framework to help you unplug from patterns that no longer work for you while helping you re-create your relationships, your career, and your life perspective.

My sessions are delightfully nondenominational, can apply to every aspect of your life (money, health, relationships, career, creativity, parenting), and they produce very practical results. You learn how (and why) you can delegate the heavy lifting while you manage your “here and now” thoughts and behaviors. My clients have stopped “working on themselves” and instead are having “aha!” moments.

How to Book a Session

I offer phone sessions (via Skype, using your phone). I record all sessions so you can use it as often as you like. Please choose the session package of your choice below.

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Modern Consciousness

In my sessions we deconstruct the beliefs and practices that are holding you back. You learn self-management tools you can apply immediately. Please read the Testimonials to see the wide array of responses! I record your session privately for you so you can listen to the audio again as desired. It is amazing what we hear the second and third time around. This is personal and subjective. It is simple though not always easy. It is long-lasting. It is powerful.

Session Specifics

  • I strongly encourage new clients to please book a three-session package. My techniques are what some would call deceptively simple – and there are parts of your brain that will try to dismiss your positive results. Having this small commitment will extend your benefits and improve your mastery. You can schedule the sessions at your leisure; they do not expire!
  • Sessions are scheduled on an “as-desired” basis. Have one, then take as much time as you like to fully integrate all of the intellectual insights and vibrational energy you will receive. Just allow a few days advance notice to schedule again. You are never locked into an automatic recurring anything.
  • Sessions last for about 55 minutes. The goal is to not dwell on unnecessary details but to simply zero in on one or two things you can affect right now. Many people like to block their calendars an additional 15 minutes to rest and savor the experience afterwards.
  • Sessions are recorded as audio. I encourage you to listen to the session again later. Not only is it like getting two sessions (or more) for the price of one, you also anchor the learning and the energy more powerfully in yourself.
  • Mini Sessions last 20 minutes. Grab one when you want a little lift, feel mildly stuck about something, or just want to hang out in The Field of universal grace and intelligence together! Mini Sessions are not automatically recorded.
  • All clients receive a free copy of my eBook, The Three Yous: How to break recurring patterns and tap into big energy. if you don’t already have a copy, I will send it to you after you purchase a session.

What Can You Expect?

Having live sessions with me can help personalize this awakening process with you, however they are not required. Unlike the typical coaching model, you are not required to sign up for several sessions in advance. You can choose how often you want to work with me; there are no set requirements.

My work is designed to eliminate your seeking and dependence on others. The point is to learn to go inside and commune directly with Soul YOU – not give your power or time away to other people, modalities, or beliefs. If you like committing to things weekly as you get your footing – great! If you want to open something up, then play with it for a month or two on your own, that is great too.

Everything “out there” becomes a choice, not a requirement. You can make your own rules, instead of plodding along q path laid out by others.

My business has begun to flourish. In fact, when I got off a call with Roxanne, a new order had come in for my company while on the call! Talk about fast…and it came to me! I just laughed with Joy and said “Yes”. During this call Roxanne offered “you are co-creating with the Divine now”. The thought of having such a Divine powerful ally and friend to co-create with just brought me to tears. Hmmm, I just realized I’d been asking for a partner on the outside to be with, and I hadn’t thought to look within where the best partner in the whole world existed all this time. – Judy D

My Specialties and Interests

  • I have many years experience as a health coach and business advisor – so those two topics are fun for me address in sessions. We often think of work and well-being as beyond our control, but they are very responsive to consciousness! In the nineties I was a health coach for Johnson & Johnson.
  • Since 2000, I have been co-owner of an internet company, Bare Feet Studios, helping other businesses learn to use technology successfully. My UC Berkeley college degree in science and my love of quantum physics can help make sense of these changes that come from the energy of our experiences. I have been practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness since my early college days – the delicious 70’s.
  • I am a big fan of language – as the words we use are so powerful. The conscious mind plays a big role in how we experience the world.
  • I live on Maui and share my thoughts on Beach Walks with Rox. You can watch over 750 past episodes to get a sense of me. Here is the Beach Walks with Rox website.
  • I have helped clients across the US, Canada, and as far away as the UK, India, and Botswana. How can I help you unlock the secret to your own personal source of unlimited power?

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