Episode 4: A Meditation on Loss

A Meditation on Loss, photo by Roxanne Darling

This short meditation is dedicated to all those who have experienced loss, disruption, or trauma. It’s my intention that this episode can provide comfort and support as you recover from your current life challenges

The recent environmental disasters have caused so much loss for so many. I wrote this meditation as a way of connecting with those I cannot directly assist and to provide them a short and soothing message. Please share with anyone you think could benefit.

Duration: 4:30

Music: For Meditation, by alexure on Audio Jungle

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You may also directly download this file and keep a copy for yourself to play at any time you’re seeking comfortm

Episode Transcript:

This meditation is dedicated to those dealing with loss.

I realize I know nothing of your situation. I am clueless and ignorant of your struggles. And yet I his I can offer this.

May you find unlimited open-minded thinking and open-hearted loving, that these things can orient you in times of futility, that they may be the tiniest start of new things to come, that they may feed the part of you that feels hopeless and forever lost.

This is painful ‘now.” But it is only now. New moments are forming, most we cannot see or even feel yet. But they are there. This moment of now is changing, too.

Breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, and breathing out. Even if the air itself is foul, the tiniest and calmest of breaths is a reminder you are still here. Even though you may have doubts about wanting to be here. Even though you may have lost friends, you may have lost family, you may have lost personal belongings. This is the phase of ‘nothing makes any sense.’ It will give way to another phase, and things will start to make sense, in time.

May you feel the open-minded thinking and the open-hearted loving I send to you.

May your heart provide a home for you in times of loss and confusion.

May your spirit be lifted even when your hopes are down.

May you find some peace in the midst of the pain you find yourself in.

May the cracks let in the light and bring unimaginable changes for you.

May you find some rest in moments large and small.

May you remember that all beings are divine.

May you trust in your own strengths and take solace in knowing you are loved.

May you know that I am thinking of you, caring for you, doing things for you, even though you may not see or feel it.

May you trust in your own strengths and take solace in knowing you are loved.

My name is Roxanne Darling and I am sending you love and courage from InTheTransition.com.

Thank you for being You.


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Photo Credit: Swept Away, abstract photograph from Maui, by me, Roxanne Darling

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  1. THANK YOU, Rox, for the beautiful meditation. My family is dealing with the loss of my father-in-law on Nov. 8. Your gentle message of love enfolds me in healing.