Opening Up to the Whole Universe of Energy

photo of Karen Diener on Mt Everest

Before arriving in Nepal: You are right, I will get through my fears and take them straight on. I will feel my vibration level as I go across that suspension bridge and just let it move through me. I am excited to feel a part of my Large Self in the Himalayas where I am really so small! It reminds me of how you showed me the corner of the white paper touching my hand at one point (me) and opening up to the whole universe of energy that is available to me. I can’t think of a better metaphor for what I am doing in these next two weeks. It was exactly the right timing (but you knew that) to sit next to you on the plane.

After climbing Everest: I was successful – I only saw being successful. People sick all around me but I just stayed simple, focused, listened to my Sherpa Guide and not only made it to Base Camp but summited my own Mountain, Kala Patar at 18,500 ft! How is that! You are a true angel that played a big part in me being successful in my expedition – thank you. This has been life changing!
~ Karen Diener, KD GeospatialSolutions

Climbing New Heights

I met Karen on a flight to Hawaii in 2012, where we had five hours as seat mates on a cross-Pacific flight. I was returning home from helping to facilitate a 5-day silent retreat and she was in training for a trip to climb Mt. Everest. Karen is a type of rocket scientist, having worked for global satellite companies and in the aerospace industry for many years.

I typically don’t speak to my seat mates on a flight, preferring this time being unplugged and keeping to myself, especially after nearly a week in silence! I am so glad to have met Karen, though, as our energy exchange and Karen’s inspiring trek to Nepal added such a spark to my life.

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  1. Aloha Rox…
    I have a friend who would love to chat with you about “stuff”. . .
    a resident in my brother’s cottage behind his house in Makawao. . .

    then again, everyone who meets you in person (or online) can’t help but get changed for the better from the experience. . .

    “Born on Valley Isle,
    Home now, North Carolina;
    Aloha y’all…”