Staying Focused in the Midst of Extreme Happiness

I am in the midst of a writing sprint with my Writer’s Circle, and I became acutely aware of a certain type of energy that shows up when things are really awesome, and yet, it causes its own issues. So while I have SO MANY things on my list to get done, I am choosing, consciously, to take a detour and sort this energy.

The Plan:

Get unfrazzled when life is wonderful and I want to get things done!

Setting the Scene – Can You Relate?

I am so revved up that I am finding it hard to focus. I am in the sprint, having a hard time deciding what to work on for the hour. I open a tab in my browser, and start on Project A; then my mind jumps and says, “But B is closer to launch – work on it.” As I am going back and forth, up pops this, “Umm, Project C could actually get done in the next 30 minutes…”

All of those are nice rational points, And yet, the point of this post is to learn how to manage The Energy. The energy right now is very positive, downright gleeful, it is moving quickly, and it has a feeling of turbo boost. Yet my difficulty in choosing what to actually do, tells me there is Kid Energy in here.

And voila — just like that — I feel her churning my engines. It is very similar to a kid in real life, the day before a birthday party, or Christmas, or a vacation. It is really hard to “settle down” because, literally, the air I am breathing is so full of potentiality and possibility. This scattered ebullient kid enthusiasm is actually preventing me from dropping down into the bones of my project, where my Adult energy is desired and required. In other words, I want to keep the vibe up yet be working consciously and methodically.

Getting Settled Down. Adult Version

So here is the very easy process I am employing to get grounded in the energy I want.

Step One. Notice the Kid energy and be willing to stop whatever you are doing to get Adult energy back on the scene.
This was made easier today because I was writing by hand in my journal, what many writers call “Morning Pages.” They are a way to start the writing engine, clean out the tail pipe, etc.

Step Two. Engage other parts of your being, based on your Adult guidance.
For me, today, it was to start with putting on some background music: instrumental, down tempo. I have several writing playlists I use. For me, this creates a literal and energetic foundation and background for being more focused. I am also a huge fan of breathing. He he, why not right? My default practice is a simple formula of exhale 2x and inhale 1x. This slows down and is incredibly calming and grounding, yet not all “depressing.”

Step Three. Take action as Adult you recommends.
For me, today, it was to not start with any projects, but to actually document this experience for me and then share it with you. Kid sees this as very binary math: You are not getting anything done and you have just made more work for yourself! I see it as finding my power, managing my energy, and trusting the universe to support my timing. If I believe I am the divine incarnate walking the earth (and i do!) then finding my power is the more effective and relevant thing for me to do when I feel frazzled – even if that frazzle is being generated by positive life events.

The Wrap

Already as I write this, Kid is settling, though her parting remark was “But aren’t you afraid this uber-happy vibe will disappear and not come back?” No, I am not. I know it is abundant in the universe. I know that I experience an even richer vibe when I am both grounded and getting things done, immersing me in my projects. And now I know what project I am going to join as soon as I hit Save on this post.

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  1. I feel like you were in my head wrote this. It’s funny, many people think that if you are in the accounting field you can focus easily on what needs to be done and I’m not that way at all. I’m like you describe, energy in different directions. Structure helps – I’m an avid GTD’er and at work before I do anything else I need to decide what’ I’ll be doing that otherwise I’m aimlessly jump here and there. Routine including music like you indicated for writing, podcasts for tedious work. I also get rid of the kid energy by jotting down ideas in my things app, filing them away so they are no longer taking up current headspace. Great post Rox and miss you, hope you are having a wonderful trip.

    • Funny Tania – I do my best to stay out of other people’s heads! LOL. Glad to know you can relate though. Trip was wonderful. Look forward to seeing you soon! (Maybe Friday at Andaz?? 5-6 pm?)