The Pursuit of Happiness

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This being the Fourth of July weekend in the USA, there are lots of people talking about the Declaration of Independence. Remarkably, in my opinion, to have this phrase embodied in our founding documents a few hundred years ago, is astounding! I also like the modern, hashtag version:


Like so many things today, the topic of happiness has been studied and analyzed in just about every imaginable direction! I came across a study the other day intending to show that being too focused on happiness creates the opposite result. And of course the basic math, too, that if I am always happy, then happy is not so much a thing, is it?

Contrasts are what make life such a rich experience. No need to worry about being happy!

Onward with the unpredictable game of playing with limits and boundaries. Some days I’m up, some days I’m down, but inside, I always AM.

Photo Credit: The Pursuit of Happiness by elycefeliz on Flickr

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  1. Andrea Robinson says

    I find if I don’t raise my expectations SO HIGH ~ then my expectations are not SO LOW! Does that make sense? I am really working hard at finding a middle ground in every day life. I use to be a hot- head screamer fly off the handle kind a girl, but I could see that was getting me no where beside the title of the CRAZY MOM! So each day I really try to unleash my expectations a notch!

  2. Andrea – I am on the fence about expectations. I think so long as we don’t *get attached* to them, then they don’t have to be a big problem. On one hand there are those teacher studies – when the teachers had higher expectations of their students, sure enough the kids rose to the occasion. The same thing happened when the admin applied it to the teachers!

    On the other hand, in relationships, if the other person chronically feels they are not making my grade, that is a bummer for both parties. My parents had insanely high expectations of me, but they were not matched with a lot of “how to” info or energy. That also makes for a tough situation.

    So I am ending on the note of of “Don’t get attached to the results of what you do” and try to apply to that others. But by all means pour your heart and soul into whatever moves you – like that GREAT business you have created!

  3. Andrea Robinson says

    I should clarify a little more on what I was referring to. I will always have high expectation’s for my kids! That will not change. I was referring to things more like the weather, social events, concerts ect. I like the part where you say don’t get attached to the results! Very true!