The Flip Side of Post Maui Depression

Royal Poinciana Tree in Hana, Maui
In yesterday’s post, I got a little bit distracted once I started thinking about the many awesome Maui bloggers and ways that visitors can tap into the Maui vibe after heading home. The better your vacation, sometimes, the worse the re-entry.

The bigger part of the story, though, is about embracing one’s specific situation as being a spiritual form of perfect for right now. There is this element of wishing things were different than they are, that can really sap energy. It is exactly that energy that feeds you and your ideas. It is energy that helps you make your lists and increasingly clarify your true subjective preferences.

There is also a Kid element to fantasizing along the lines of, “If only…” That is a way of postponing your happiness, when you can in fact be content, right here and now. For many people, the soul’s perspective is that these circumstances of your life are showing up by choice. They provide opportunities of a consciousness kind – something Adult You is perfectly suited to experience and to tap for muscle-building, awareness, and laying down bricks for a foundation of new ideas and goals.

Of course, it is your vacation and you do are entitled to do it any way you wish! This is just an alternate way to come to Maui and truly love the experience and then also go home to your other life and truly embrace that experience too. Making one “good” and one “bad” is to actually add pressure to you, just for giving yourself a nice vacation! I’d rather you not spoil it by thinking things like, “If only I had more money, if only I had a job there, if only my partner would be willing to move there…” All of that takes away from the pleasure of your Maui vacation!

Come back any time. Stay as connected with the locals as much or as little as you wish. Use the #VibeUp you got here, to feed whatever it is you do, wherever else you do it. And tap me for a virtual Maui hug anytime — I love sharing them!

To learn more about Kid You, Adult You, and Soul You, read my eBook, The Three You’s.

Photo Credit: A Royal Poinciana tree in Hana, Maui by moi.

Aloha and a hui hou!

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  1. I’m enjoying your daily NamBloPoMo writing Rox! Today’s topic is so important to feeling any sense of peace…accepting what is…not in a fatalistic sense but rather appreciating where we are now.

    I’ve put my blog on hold for now…maybe permanently but we shall see. I look forward to seeing what comes from your film/video class too.

    • Hi Kate! I hear you – the incentive to “blog” is so reduced with all the other ways to share what we are thinking, doing, and feeling. My interest is waning on this monthly thing too… But it has already served its purpose for me!

  2. Royal poincianas are eye popping! Good luck w/ the blogging every day challenge! You probably are writing and scheduling ahead of time – I hope!

    • Hi Courtney – So far, I have not found the time to write in advance. I am doing the be here now method, which means, some days I am not actually **here** if you get my drift!