I Live on Maui, So You Don’t Have To

Maui, from the air via drone, photo by Randy Jay Braun
Apologies for the snark in title, though thank you, if it got your attention! Since I am blogging daily for July (#NaBloPoMo and #BlogHer) I am enjoying the freedom to toss out some casual and not-yet-fully-developed thoughts. That is one of the big lessons when I was actively shooting my Beach Walks with Rox daily videos: don’t stress! It’s just for a few minutes and you’ll be doing it all again tomorrow! It’s definitely a different approach from blogging monthly – where each word as well as topic seems to take on this air of importance.

Back to the topic though. I had a long chat with two visiting attorneys last Friday at my partner’s art gallery, Shane Robinson Fine Art. The gallery is in the lobby area of Maui’s newest resort hotel. The common message from the guests, including these two women, was how much they wished they could just move here.

Which got me to thinking. On any given day, we have two visitors here for every one resident. The average stay is about 8 days, so just about every week there is whole new group of visitors. Over the course of a year, that’s a lot of people wishing they lived on Maui! If they all said YES and moved, Maui would not be able to support them. More relevant, they may not be as happy as they are on vacation. There are so many dreams that can’t be made real from here.

Good News Dispatch: You don’t have to be here to get the Maui vibes.

I’d like to play with a “what if” idea: what if visitors here did not feel bad about having to go home? What if visitors here could tap into the Maui energy that so many of my fellow residents radiate and share? What if you didn’t have to come to Maui in order to be in a Maui state of mind? It’s a type of virtual consciousness that allows you to continue the pursuit of your dreams wherever you are and still connect to the beautiful energy that is Maui.

In case that is of interest, here are some Maui bloggers I want to share with you.

Each of these folks blogs with Maui energy yet are sharing stories that are relevant far beyond our island nation!

Maui Jungalow by Courtney Turner
Maui Jungalow – Local woman “scratches beneath the surface of Maui”. I’ve linked directly to her May Day is Lei Day post as it is one of my recent favorites. PS She is running a Facebook/Email List contest right now. You might just win something.

graphic for in the transition with rox logo

JT of Maui Dog Remedies, walking her dogs
Maui Dog Remedies – My friend JT is an awesome dog trainer and consummate dog lover. She shares really useful info for people who own dogs and is currently building a training curriculum for other dog trainers. Yes, she is that good, and BTW, has completed 9 Ironman triathlons. Since it is summer and dogs are getting into things, I linked to a post on healthy, inexpensive, non-prescription care tips.

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Hana 1 by Shane Robinson
Shane Robinson Hawaii Contemporary Art – Yes, this is “my guy’s” beautiful abstract photography. He takes photos of Hawaii flowers, scenery, and objects and uses “intentional camera movement” to create a soulful, ethereal, and “looks great anywhere” image, unlike most other typical Hawaiian art. You can literally hang out with the vibrations of Hawaii by adding a piece of this art in your home and/or office. I can also infuse this artwork with divine energy, by request. I have made a special offer available to the first 30 orders. Use code ROX30 to save 30% off your entire order in the Gallery Shop! (Order with a friend?)

Save 30% with Rox30 coupon code

A Few More Maui Links for You!

A Maui Blog
Maui Made
Maui Shop Girl


Photo Credit: The top photo is by my friend Randy Jay Braun – one of the very top photographers here in Hawaii. Get a steady stream of Hawaii visuals from Randy by connecting with his Facebook page.

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  1. thanks for the mention! we’ve all got some great blogging company!

  2. Great blog. I saw your Facebook post Nd realized I’m not signed up for your blog! I’m going to do that next! Interesting read. Blogging everyday? I’ll read you tomorrow too! Aloha

  3. Enjoyed your article Rox!

    • Thank you Kathy! I am going to do part 2 of this idea – as I really do want to create a space for people to love their time here and also be able fly home free of regrets, knowing that their soul intention is likely be perfectly played out somewhere else. I wonder, do you address these sorts of intangible values in your planning services with people?

  4. Nice article. Since you live there, could you take a look at my website and tell me what you think? I’d like to know if you think there are any inaccuracies.

    • Jim – Love what you are sharing on your blog. I find it one of the telling things about Maui that people who don’t live here find their own ways to connect with the vibe! I also want to introduce you to friends from Germany who also love Hawaii and blog about it frequently, Frank and Manuela Hamm. Here is their blog: http://www.hawaiitwentyten.com/