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Photo of Byron Katie, creator of the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet
A friend of mine recently shared with me, The Work of Byron Katie. I spent some time with it last week and it was very powerful in shifting some things for me. So I want to share it with you as well. Thank you Shaina!

The essence of “The Work” is something called the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet. You use it when you are really upset or pissed off with someone. It is a very practical, step-by-step way to get those old hurt feelings of Kid You up to the surface, so Adult You can get a grip on the situation and find some sort of resolution and soothing energy.

Byron Katie does not use the framework of Kid, Adult, Soul – those are my additions based on the framework in the Transition that I use. You can get my eBook on the topic of The Three You’s here.

I find that having some specific processes to follow when the emotions are toiling inside me is incredibly useful. In the old days, I had to wait it out — and that could days, weeks, OMG even years on some things! Using periods of upset to actually heal and release old hurts, I find, is so much more exciting than just papering over them with time or platitudes. The iPhone app came in very handy recently as I realized I was having trouble getting to sleep – and I could work through the process right in bed. How cool is that?

You can download the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet for free here.
You can get the App for your iPhone here.
You can watch some of Byron Katie’s videos on YouTube here.

If you are in the process of letting go of having to be always and 100% right — as I have been! — I think you’ll find this technique helpful.

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