Learning to Love Time

Does time get the better of you?

It did me – or at least I pretended that it did. Watch how I am re-creating my relationship and learning to love time.

Dali Clocks, Untitled, by Shadow Becomes White, on Flickr

Many of my friends report being tired of hearing me complain about time. I understand – I have done it a lot. But as bright as I am, time has confounded me for years. I have made progress, but mostly on the surface, by not allowing me (or kid me) to say things like “I don’t have enough time.” That’s about as far as I got – the energy of time had not really shifted, despite my censorship.

Until this morning.

At the suggestion of a fellow writer, I took to my journal and began an exploration. What follows is a series of questions I wrote. For me, the energy started shifting inside almost immediately. I started to download new wiring diagrams and am really excited about moving forward with a new relationship to time, a new consciousness about time – what it is and what it isn’t.

A Monday Gift of Time for You

Here are the questions; play with them as you wish. Let me know how they play out in your world. You can see, perhaps, the evolution of change, even in the questions themselves.

What game is time playing with me?
Who is winning? Why? How?
What if I really trusted the Universe to support me?
What if I felt equal to time? What if I chose to stop blaming time for my limits?
What if I claimed time as my tool, rather than being a “tool” of time?
What if time were simply a reflection of my neuroses, not the cause of them nor the solution to them?

What if time shifts as I shift?

Can I bring my enormous leadership energy and discipline [< insert your qualities there] to time? What if time wants to serve me instead of vice versa? (Yes!) What if time is just a creative concept, a construct, that I can use to build and house my dreams instead of hinder them? What if I embraced time instead of resenting it? What if I eliminate "not enough time" from my consciousness not just my vocabulary? What if time is just as abundant and unlimited as everything else in the Universe? These things I choose to accept, believe, and certify as part of my current worldview.

Many thanks to Terri F for suggesting I take this to my journal.

Photo Credit: Untitled, by Shadow Becomes White, on Flickr
I saw Salvador Dali’s paintings with clocks in Florence years ago; he popped up today as part of this discussion.

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
― Salvador Dalí

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  1. Great questions Rox. Reminds me of The Stones song, Time is on My Side. Much nicer than fighting with time. Thanks for the pondering.

  2. I am going to go dig that song up! Thanks Lee.

  3. I’m so glad the prompt begat enlightenment, Rox! Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for being part of my Pride! Roar 🙂 xo

  4. martiwrites says

    Time and I are usually okay, except for the sneaky way in which it passes. I recently had a milestone birthday and cannot believe – literally cannot wrap my head around that fact – that sixty years have gone by. The human implications (wrinkles, sags, creaky joints) are not an issue. It’s simply how fast it went.

    Wow, now you have me wanting to write a short short story about it.
    “Why didn’t you tell me you were moving so fast?”
    “You knew, Marti. You have a clock and a calendar and I didn’t cheat. You just didn’t always pay a lot of attention.”

    Love that picture, btw. Kind of like Dali for the Feminine.

    • Marti – My only added thought is that the feeling of “how fast it is going” is the flip side of how much you are enjoying life! I hope you don’t take 60 too seriously!

  5. I struggle with time too Rox. Getting divorced at 41 and still in the throes of a semi-bad breakup now at 46 I can’t help but lament, “where did the time go”. I blinked and I’m suddenly no longer a hot young thing, time left me waiting at the bus stop wondering if I missed the express to happyville while off in my own thoughts. I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself and I think “who is that middle aged person” because that is not how I feel on the inside.

    I feel the same as Marti, for much of my life, I just wasn’t paying attention. I always thought, later, I still have time to (fill in the blank). I believe the key is living with intention. When we let life push us along, in the wrong job, wrong relationship and try to escape our lives with pleasure points, time passes us by. When we are too impatient and want a better path without a process, it moves too slowly. It’s only with intentional living that the pace seems “right”.

    Thank you for sharing your journaling prompts. I find it calming and soothing to curl up in bed and journal. I’ve only recently started to work off of questions and have been finding that method of journaling is much more healing than merely free writing as it helps me to focus on the how, why in an objective manner.

    • 15 years ago I got some great advice – do not think about time; do not blame time for any issues I may be having in my relationship with Shane. (He is 14 years younger on the clock.) Time can be such a generic scapegoat. I have handled it so well with Shane and relationship, but I was the poster child for crying “not enough time!”

      In the week since I posted this, the shift has occurred – in dramatic ways. I am excited because I also know I am just at the beginning of my relationship co-creating with time instead of seeing it as my nemesis.

      Intention is a powerful thing – and it gets more powerful the more consciously we can engage with it. Those little monkey minds are great at rationalizing all around and through it!

  6. I’ve been focusing these days on energy and how the universe does indeed match the energy we put forth. As I read these thoughts about time it came back to that for me.

    I thank you for the the new thoughts I can now start putting my energy towards time. I no longer want to use time as an excuse.

    • JT – yes, there are just so many levels and opportunities to practice this notion of energy match and attraction. Doing new things really flushes a lot to the surface!

  7. Yes, Time catches me off guard. Time seems to slip by so fast that I loose my breath. When I purposely take the time to just be, that’s when I notice time instead of ignore it. I love knowing that we’re all time-travelers moving ever-so slowly forward in time.

  8. Roxanne, what a lovely post. Such insightful questions and everyone has left such good comments. I want to share this quote from Martha Beck’s column that hits the nail on the head for me:
    “We are a time-starved people, obsessed with fitting huge achievements into our few years. In the process, we often fill our buckets with things that don’t matter or work.”

    Also, I’ve been studying Chinese 5 Element theory and what’s been reaffirming is to know that everyone is in a different part of the cycle of life or cycle of change, so some years do seem to go slowly and tediously (for deep inner work) and others are more fast-paced and quick.

  9. Courtney – thank you so much for your comments. This relationship between time and accomplishment *feels* so ramped in part I think because the freedom and options that are presented to us a daily platter are such a delicious buffet, that is growing daily! Yes, we can thank the internet and technology for making much of this possible.

    Your point about cycles is also lovely. It is easy to not take time to step back enough and notice those cycles. That in itself can free up more time, by creating a perspective to help each of us get off our case!

  10. A writer friend of mine shared this article and it has several great “hacks” to making friends with time. Wanted to share it AND attach it here as #NoteToSelf.