It all seemed odd at first

Frank Robinson of Island Events Hawaii What a week – it started with much fretting and unnecessary LOUD commentary from the resident 5 year old in my head. “Little Frank” as I call him, was very busy telling me what “I could not do” and why what I was doing “was not enough” or “never going to be enough” or that “what I planned to do would not work” or … you get the idea. Meanwhile “Adult Frank” had decided it was easier to listen and believe than respond, fight or extend the energy needed to put little Frank down for a nap.

Historical note: One of the many reasons I had chosen to NOT have my own children in this life was so I could focus on becoming a successful business person – this would not require babysitting. I felt I do not have time to manage a five year old. As it turns out … as a business person I don’t have time NOT to!

As a business owner and a budding entrepreneur, I am also someone who has years of mild OCD. I struggle with the day to day worries and many of the harder elements of being a business owner. One of them is an exaggerated fear and worry about not making enough money and a whole bunch of other really bad daily affirmations. This was all percolating in my head over the past week and my inner voice (little Frank) was screaming like a rock star about doubt and dread filling my head with some pretty unrealistic gloom & doom. This had become paralyzing to me. I felt like I had all but stopped the flow of positive energy in my immediate world and business. Even if the universe wanted to bring me something good I don’t think I would have seen it, acknowledged it, or received it.

I spent a couple of hours with Roxanne who practiced some really great listening to me, asked me the right questions and responded with some very sound and logical recommendations on how to manage Little Frank and open adult Frank up to all the possibilities the universe wanted to show me. These were quite simple directives actually, as easy as listening to little Frank, and then disagreeing logically with him and putting him down for a nap or letting him know that I, adult Frank, was going to drive for a while and he needed to get in the back seat and be quite so I could focus – this was brilliant!

It all seemed odd at first, but here is the best part: after I got used to talking back to the voice in my head – IT started listening! Roxanne was right!

Another method she instilled in me was counting my blessings and be in a state of gratitude – apparently negativity is repelled by gratitude!

This week ended with a phone call from my partner letting me know the bank had made some errors and we had lowered our bills quite substantially for the next year. I started chuckling inside and told my partner that I recently have been very unrealistically nervous about making enough money – his response: don’t worry about “making” money – just keep doing what you are doing so great and we will be fine, the money will come.

Little Frank is resting now and I’m celebrating how much easier running a business is as an adult.

Thanks Roxanne.

Frank Robinson, Island Events Hawaii

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