The Preciousness of Paper

Precious Paper collage from Roxanne Darling's writing deskHere is an excerpt from my writing practice, the “morning pages” that I have adopted recently and which I am doing the old-fashioned way, with paper, pen, and a book. A book by the way, that is interlaced with Rumi quotes. (On Amazon: The Poetry of Rumi Illustrated Journal J1-RUM

The paper in this book is so thick it feels precious. Nonetheless I am blasting my way through it now…home to my morning pages as I dump words on the page with no goal other than to start my engine, as if it were 0° outside and my writing is a car from the 1970s.

I suppose there are similarities – they both trigger my concern for waste and pollution. And a denial for “how things work.” One of my “spiritual” goals is to keep remembering we are all safe. I don’t have to live in fear of the scarcity (of clean-air for example) on the planet nor do I have to worry about taking up space with my body or my words. Yes, this belief is not yet automatic.

I fear being judged by some people. It takes so much time to explain the whole of why I believe we are safe and why a mass murderer or an air polluter are still as divine as you and I are. The other so-called problem is that when I write long hand I tend to really like it! It does bring stuff and a style out of me that feels different from the digital[ ] I can’t find a word for “the stuff I write.”

But who the hell is going to transcribe/type this up for me??? Hahaha, that would be me for now or as I would say if typing: #fornow. Hashtag’s look funny in hand writing yet so natural on the screen. My small self is trying to start a worry party over all this “OMG are you going to write long hand or type? How do you know which one is right, which way to write?” Hahaha, it doesn’t matter my dear just write. It will land where it lands.

What is SO COOL, is that I made a grace discovery when I opened the software Text Wrangler to type this up from my long hand. Purely by accident I mean by divine design, I saw a menu item I had never noticed before. It said “Start Dictation.”

So, lucky me, I simply read the words into the computer, and the computer typed them up for me. I am a lousy typist and I love this new way of getting my thoughts into a digital and usable form! I am no longer afraid of paper! Next on my list, is to talk into my computer the oodles of notes I have jotted down and carried around for months. A task I was dreading, I am now eager to begin! (Mind you, Apple computers have had speech-to-text and vice versa for a very long time. It has just never been so easy!)

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  1. As a kid I always kept a diary, hand written. I did into my 30’s really and then went digital. I am a fast typist and like it. These days I feel like I have so much I need to dump out in those morning pages I feel like I need to type it so it doesn’t take hours to write.

    But reading this made me wonder if I would write different things if I wrote on paper with a pen like I used to love to years ago. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll try it for a week and see what happens. 🙂

    • @JT
      It is FUNNY all these stories about writing this way or that. I am having fun trying all sorts of things and really aiming to not be too attached to any one batch of words. Though they fail to meet the power of what I am experiencing often enough, they also flow abundantly for me so… there. Thanks for loving on our dog Lexi while we are away!

  2. There is nothing better than putting that favorite pen (one that grips just right and makes my god awful hand writing come out looking better than a 1st grader) to the paper! When I do that every morning at 5:30 a.m. it starts my day on the right track. If it isn’t written down on that index card, it is going to get lost in the days scuffle. Putting it on the card means something, it permanent for me, it means I need to get that appointment made for my child so her teeth don’t rot out! Then when I get to cross it off during the day, I take a deep breath and say to my very small self, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT RAISING THREE KIDS, MANAGING A BUSINESS, AND BEING A NICE WIFE..Love to you Rox keep it coming!

    • Andrea – thank YOU! Your comment was so inspiring and so funny! I am keeping it coming and getting back to webcasts soon too. I miss them!