The Power of Parallel Universes

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You can live in the midst of all kine stuff and not be a part of it. Sit with that for a moment and feel the power of that concept. Noodle on all the things you are safe to ignore.

I was listening to NPR Morning Edition this morning. The story on crime stats revealed that this is not a city problem, even less a neighborhood problem. It is more a block or even corner problem. It is those folks at that house or two. Most everyone else is nonviolent and living their so-called normal lives.

Which means you can drop out of the worrying. Because mathematically, it is very unlikely to touch you.

When you do that, you withdraw your energy from the mix. Energy is fuel. Worrying about something is like pouring gas on it from the law of attraction point of view. Paying attention to it actually makes it more likely you will be caught up in the periphery.

A whole bunch of people worrying actually adds to the problem. Do you feel how powerful that is? Take any fear, any cause, any belief that something is “wrong” and the more you obsess on it the bigger it grows.

It is why it is so powerful during national disasters to have people who are unplugged. Who are living happily and not obsessing over the disaster, not taking that trauma into their lives when they are not affected. And instead, they are giving back ease energy, they are soothing by not stressing.

During the two tsumanis here in Hawaii, we had predictions for large waves that were to cause massive destruction. Instead we spread the word about #thinkcalmthoughts. We spread that around the world literally via Twitter and Facebook, to friends and strangers alike, and the global energy field responded.

First, it gives people who care, something positive to do in the interim. The power though is in what they are doing. They are thinking calm thoughts and radiating soothing energy. They are not panicing and awfulizing. Those add to the churning energy, of which the tsunami is water central

We also here in Hawaii have a very light-hearted, aloha-filled ambiance. People were helping each other, people were making jokes, people who love the ocean were fascinated by wondering what it might produce. That really helps too!

We laughed about people (and dogs!) who were sleeping through the tsunami. How generous of them to create restful auras. 🙂 The rest of us benefited.

The waves did not materialize as projected by the very smart people at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. They have no way – yet – to measure the effect of global consciousness energy. Someday we will. But you don’t have to have an energy meter to know that it works!

This was not the same energy that occurs during a tornado warning. Granted, we did have calm in the environment whereas in a tornado the wind is blowing and the skies are darkening.

But in any of these cases, IF we learn to first understand that it is all about the energy and that each of us contributes to the energy, and it is the energy that dictates the outcomes, then we actually can reduce these “problems” just by creating our own spaces of joy and ease.

<h3>So a few takeaway points.</h3>

  1. You can literally co-exist side-by-side with all kinds of stuff and not having be in your world. The more you withdraw your energy and attention, the less overlap there will be. I like to use the mantra, “Aura In.” Do not connect me with that stuff going on out there!
  2. Next you can proactively use your energy to make things happen or not happen. You can intend to think calm thoughts or to escalate that argument with your husband and stir it up. It is your choice! As the saying goes, “whatever makes you feel good.”
  3. Next, and this is the weird part, you are actually being supportive and kind during disasters by ignoring them and creating lightness and happiness in your own world. This is especially helpful as well for children who don’t know how to make sense of these things. They will be laying down grooves of fear etc in their own neural circuits when they could be laying down empowering tools of consciousness.

It is not so much about “protecting” them from the “bad” things that happen in the world as it is about helping them learn how they can respond in their own world when those things happen. It is the education about the energy.

So you have the people who are in the trauma. Then you have the people who are the first responders. Then you have the curious onlookers. Some are important information connectors – the geeks who set up networks etc and then there are those whose energy boundaries are such they are experiencing the trauma by proxy. This escalates the energy. It is not bad, it is just something to realize you have choice over. Then there are the oblivious. They tend to get a bad rap – “What?! You didn’t know about that, you didn’t so something about that?” But in reality the oblivious are the unplugged, and that means, yes, less energy, less fuel. Woohoo!

As a collective, it is easier to affect change by just managing your energy and not always having to be upset or traumatized or ranting or getting down about “all the bad things happening in the world.” You have literally so many other ways to live and to be and you need not feel guilty about any of them. You might actually feel proud! And blog about it to your friends. We have centuries of guilt-induced behavior practices to unplug from if we want to really use our energy effectively.

The muscle to flex is the Ignore Muscle. We grow our consciousness not by tracking everything and trying to understand everything but by flexing and building our ignoring muscle! Which in itself comes in handy in so many ways. More on that later.

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I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.


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  2. Rox,
    Love your new endeavor. And this post, about being centered in “what is,” is vital information. Instead of being whipped up by drama and the media and worry, it’s life-affirming to be focused on calm, positive actions that benefit us as individuals and those around us.
    I read once about some famous actress saying she didn’t read the news because she preferred to keep herself behind a walled garden of her own choosing. I appreciated her coming out with that perspective because that has been my choice too. I am careful what and who I “let in” to my world and conscious of my reactions to “other.”
    Congrats on this next phase of your life. You have so much good to give and I like seeing this outlet for your wisdom.
    Much Love,

    • Thank you Susan! I am so happy you hopped over here. 🙂 It seems the new way to engage life is to disengage with a lot of the “stuff” we have created in life – the always-on technology, the over-stimulation from so many directions…

      I love having your support.

      Love, Rox

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