We Can Drop the Labels Now

Cat and Dog photos by b1lue5ky on Flickr

A friend sent me a batch of photos this morning in email, sub-titled “Every Cat Needs a Dog” and “Every Dog Needs a Cat.” It was a precious collection, and with each one, this notion sank in deeper and deeper.

We have been living with made-up truths about who belongs where or with whom. I just love how the internet serves up exceptions to the “rule” over and over and over again. How it gives us examples of how it’s all about the energy – not the label, not the rule, not the past.

Your mind might think at first, “these are just oddball exceptions” but really, so what? If we believe we are each a unique being, doesn’t that also make each of us a sort of oddball exception?

So tonight in my dream space I have booked a ticket to a destination where I no longer need to know “my place” in the world and instead am going to explore whatever scenery and cultures attract me. Doesn’t it sound fun?

Photo Credit: Cats&dogs_25 by b1ue5ky on Flickr

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  1. This is sweet and thoughtful.