Every Day is A Good Day


You were expecting something else? Grab a platitude or two, take ’em off the wall or off the pedestal, and put ’em to work in your life!

I have this confused relationship with metaphors. On the one hand I LOVE them – they can take a complex concept and instantly make it accessible. It is not so much the word, but the picture, the vibe, the energy that we extract from the metaphor to understand the new idea. Or at least know what category in which to place it!

On the other hand, some sayings have been used so much that they have lost their oomph – they are the towel that is no longer thick and fluffy but is now thin and threadbare. Yes, it might still dry you off more or less, but it holds little attraction because the energy has been rung out of it.

In the realm of consciousness, there are so many adages, platitudes, recommendations, etc. Many of them are spot on, great advice. But have you ever noticed how easy it is to forget them when we find ourselves in a tough spot? Instead, the blame, the inquisition, the prevention – they all come rushing in.

Someone emailed me with that open question: So, Rox, how are you doing?

Here was my answer:
I am doing well. De-commissioning more buttons every day! Not exactly rainbows and unicorns but the kind of stuff that gets a huge return on investment!

One of the big myths is that “once you are conscious / evolved / enlightened / awakened” you will no longer have problems or hard days or buttons.

That is silly! Life is the contrasts. What is the point of ascending? If you want that, you can head upstairs anytime. But to Be Here Now – that is the rich reward of life as a human.

Some days are all unicorns and rainbows, and what’s not to love???
Some days are chop wood and carry water – just a natural part of the human experience.
Still other days are cleaning out the basement – those can provide the best return on investment, if we let them.

#ThereAreNoBadDays #consciousnessiseverthing #consciousness

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  1. I agree that there seems to be some confusion about what ascension is and what it means in “real life”. For me it’s about being the monk in the marketplace… not about separating from life and “meditating in the cave” but bringing that same centered peace into real life situations.

    And the fluffy bunnies and rainbows thing….as you say, nice to have on occasion but making those disconnects takes some hard work and there’s nothing fluffy about that! I’m enjoying your posts Rox!

    • These things are so circular, aren’t they Kate? Of course anyone is welcome to do as they wish in this lifetime! I just think there is a subset of us who can be quite ecstatically *here* and *now* without trying to escape the challenges known as being human.

      Consciousness is an ongoing learning experience. I love learning, so this AOK by me!

      I am enjoying being more dedicated to my writing also. Thanks so much for reading!