I Assume Everyone Loves Me

Lexi Dogg giving Rox a kiss

And for those times when they are not feeling it, it is only because something in me, has pushed some button or issue in them.

How did I arrive at this? By applying my Rox 180 rule. I simply the turned the tables around 180 degrees. One part of consciousness is that I have discovered I love everyone. And whenI am not feeling it, it is only because something in them has pushed one of my buttons. That moment there, that realization, is when I (at least in theory!) jump for joy!

Why? Because any button pushed is a key to unlocking buried emotions. Once unlocked, I simply feel them and let them go. No need to analyze or process or blame – not even myself.

Once the emotions are cleared, the air is clear and my heart and mind are clear. You all know what happens when stuff clears! Creative ideas rush in! Old lures that would have attracted things I no longer want, are simultaneously de-activated. The negative charge on something is G-O-N-E.

That dear readers, is the power of consciousness. By applying the high-falutin’ concepts (love everyone because we are all connected and on some level are one and the same) to an actual on-the-ground strategy: when someone pushes my buttons – hey, remember those are MY buttons! And since they are, I can feel them and set them free.

The Back Story on This Post:
Someone called me yesterday and offered a very heart-felt apology for having slipped away from our relationship and for having negative feelings towards me in the interim. While I had surely noticed the space between us, I told myself no stories about it and I let that person have their own private space. Most important to the equation, it was not just physical space but a lack of my attention. Why put my attention on something when I have no information and that attention can be felt on the other side as poking into someone else’s privacy? Yes, many of us are that sensitive.

Instead, I’d rather just believe that everyone loves me (as I do them) and that whatever turbulence or stillness may be present, it is all good. It is consciousness in action. It is respecting each person to be the master of their own universe. It is understanding deep in my bones that love can co-exist with frustration, anger, and gobs of confusion. It is honoring each person to be able to make their own choices regarding the people they want to be active in their own lives. No one needs me; I just love it when they love me!

Photo Credit: That is a self-portrait I took with my dog Lexi here on the beach in Maui.

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  1. Beautiful post Rox…when we’re able to live life by seeing everything “out there” as a reflection of what’s going on “in here”, it all begins to shift and unfold in amazing ways. I love the way you shine your light in the world!

    • Hi Kate, I love how you phrased that! Of course the fun part os applying the wisdom in practical ways – you do that so well. Love, Rox

  2. Wow. This is transformational. Now to delve deep and truly identify my “buttons” so I can let them go. I’m beyond excited about this. Thank you!

    • Dear Darling Ihilani, I don’t think you have to go delving! They’ll show up “as desired” haha. I used to think therapizing a lot could clean house in the button department, so I wouldn’t have any of them anymore. I am not sure I’ll ever get rid of them all in this lifetime. To me, it’s more fun now to just live, and then try to remember this simple concept when the alarms are going off. Having a partner and friends who subscribe to this really helps. I agree it IS beyond exciting!

  3. Not creating a story about a situation is something I have trouble with, I admit. I know NOT to do this, but my mind usually kicks in with possible scenarios that are always “worst case”. Thanks for reminding me to stop the chatter and focus only on what I can control–myself and my own reactions.

    • Amber this is an almost universal challenge! I love that we can remind each other, with a light heart and some puppy love in the mix!

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