Spiritual Humor from The Universe to You

photo of Scott and his freely acquired hubcap

Who is the guy pointing at the hubcap, you may be wondering? It’s Scott, who took two Divine Openings Mini Retreats this month. He has a great story of Spiritual Humor from The Universe to You.

Here is an email he sent me after the August 16th retreat:

All good in Haiku. I have to tell you a funny story about manifestation. Been reading alot lately and much of it has been about manifestation. Anyway, I have a typical Maui Cruiser…many years old, several issues, but it gets me reliably to the beach and work, so I love my cruiser:) She’s been missing 1 hubcap since I bought her last Nov….3 nice silver hubcaps and then an ugly black rim. The replacement is hard to come by… I’ve tried! I decided it was time to make her look good. I contemplated all the options and kept holding that a solution would appear in the appropriate time. I walked out of my office Tuesday, out past the gate and I damn near tripped over a hubcap. It was a Nissan (my brand) and the correct size. I picked it up and walked over to my car, sized it up and popped it on. Voila!!! The Universe delivers again!!!!! Kind of corny, but that has kept me laughing all week.

This is such a great example of getting out of the way and letting the universe deliver. All those small selves out there might think it is a trivial example, but actually – it is not.

  • Scott tried the hard labor way – first. No results. He then gave it over to the presence, and forgot about it. He went about his business, literally. And then a hubcap appeared through no added effort on his part. #HowCoolIsThat?
  • The long term benefit showed up as “laughing all week.” Do you realize how powerful that is? Being able to easily and effortlessly laugh – en-JOY moment after moment – is the secret sauce for keeping your resonance high and your doors open to receive and manifest even more.
  • Noticing the result and then getting high vibes all week, grounds us and orients us in the direction we wish to go. Minimizing it or not “believing in it” does the opposite. It sends the wrong signal! You are literally waving it away when you want to be saying, “Bring it on!”

So when your small self insists on this wonder-full-ness not being real, remind it that This Is Real. And if so-called hard proof is hard to come by for you or your small self, just remember that choosing this reality is a whole lost more fun than choosing the one that says these are just random accidents. Yes, Virginia, you can choose and create your reality. Conscious divine human being attracting support from the universe or a random speck of not-god-ness waiting to get bounced around from one place to the next? That choice is clear for me.

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