A Feeling of No Limits

photo of Phyllis Khare, author of Facebook Marketing for DummiesWhen I took the mini-retreat with you, at one point you responded to my comments with the word “Fear.” I was kind of shocked because I’m one of the most fearless people I know, but it hit a very deep space and by the end of the session I knew something had changed.

Between reading Lola’s book and the session with you, the angle of my trajectory moved to a better direction. My work has reached a much wider circle of people and my feeling of possibilities has no limits.
Phyllis Khare, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Phyllis is one of my friends who I met online, and by coincidence, (haha) we were both in Florida when I gave a mini-retreat last year. She traveled from Iowa and I from Hawaii. I just love how these things unfold without either of us having to do much of anything other than show up! Talk about “no limits!” How can I help you expand the possibilities in your life here and now?

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