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photo of people mooning amtrakDivine openings is this very real, very powerful opening of a portal, a transfer of grace, a direct connection to source – all of these words are true though none tell the whole story in and of themselves.

Historically, experiences of this nature are shrouded in mystical and exclusive beliefs: only certain chosen ones can receive, you must earn or learn your way to heaven, only the teacher can give you the mantra and you must never tell anyone, once you are initiated you must adhere to certain practices and so forth. This was just part of the process of moving from the experience of complete amnesia about our real and true existence being a holographic piece of the whole – not separate – to a full awareness of inseparable connection to god.

I mean if you think about the vast difference between “You are slime working your way back to the sublime” and “You are the divine walking the earth, having chosen to incarnate for a short lifetime of limits and boundaries, only to return to heaven after your body dies” – well that is mind-blowing! (And a very long sentence as well…)

So we humans have been pretending for a very a long time that we are not god. Then we started to realize we are children of god, but not really grownups. Now we are realizing that we are part of the ginormous peer matrix of the entire divine universes. What do we do with that? How does that affect things, from our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our manifestations? In short, it affects everything. Or as I like to say, “Consciousness is everything.”

There is no rush. Re-wiring our vastly complex and competent neural circuits (built up over millions of years) does not happen in the snap of a finger.

Divine openings definitely accelerates this process though. Which is why it can be remarkably powerful for advanced spiritual seekers as well as those who are just beginning to explore a truly personal version of their connection to the divine. And let’s not forget about those who don’t give a hoot about spirituality per se but who just want their lives to be easier, freer, happier – they benefit from divine openings too. Going through the process is part of the fun anyway!

WOW, was that ever amazing for me. I experienced so many things. For example: things being pulled out of me; a very cool feeling in my legs, feet and solar plexus. Not to mention that I ‘went exterior’ or had an out of body experience. I just floated around my room – incredible! It just felt so beautiful and full of bliss. – Rob, 25 years experience with kundalini meditation

It is the first so-called spiritual process I know of that is based on, at its core, this vast peer matrix. It is a combination of the literal power of the universe with the very pedestrian and often comical experience of being human.

When we have divine openings programs, we bring in elements of the sacred because after all this is mind-blowing stuff! Things like the music of Deva Premal, silence, flowers, candles. We want you to stop and notice – this is not something to take casually, as this re-wiring will affect your life from top to bottom. Your conscious choice to interact with it is all in your hands – free will persists and becomes more powerful than ever before! Pay attention.

But we also act somewhat profane, perhaps, by other people’s standards. We laugh at silly things or even at nothing! The agenda is not set – it is born of the people who are present, guided by the presence within each and all of us. We act goofy if the moment arrives and we bring in anything that might be relevant, or soothing, or funny. Part of the experience is not to just get the divine opening, but to reset limiting beliefs we each carry around. Part of the experience is to redefine your personal connection to god, and let go of other people’s ideas of how that should be. To actually walk our talk in believing that this is real. We are each part of god and as such are free to try things while we are here. We are expanding our notions of god not shrinking them.

I am so intrigued about what my relationship with God can become! Standing in that space and looking for roadsigns, I recently stumbled upon Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch in a local bookstore. This is quite miraculous since about three years ago I threw one of his books in the trash considering it to be blasphemy! What I have learned is that standing in fear, I am limiting my experience of the bliss that’s possible. Sara – practicing Christian

I like to use all lower case when talking about god and the divine for this reason. To bring us and god to the same level. While we are here with limits to be sure – we chose them too – that does not mean we are not born of the same “glue” that is the universe. (I love playing with all the physics around the discovery of the Higg’s boson!)

We don’t have gurus. We don’t want you dependent on us. You can say virtually anything and it will be received with curiosity. There is only one rule: reading Lola’s book to receive a divine opening. There is no hierarchy though there is a delineation between those who have access to the field directly to pass it on to others – and those who don’t. Even this is in the process of changing as the energy and grace are more openly distributed out there in our world.

It is like cooking. A few rare people can just walk into a kitchen and make a delicious meal without ever having read a recipe. Most of us read cookbooks and/or take cooking classes to learn – in other words gain something via direct experience – often from an accomplished chef. In time, many students become as competent a chef or better than, the teacher. It is all good!

Yet in the kitchen, there is an understanding and respect for the sharpness of the knives, the heat of the stove, and the results of mixing cokes and Mentos! All of this is how divine openings works. You can get the grace directly from another giver initially. You can get it from the pictures in Lola’s book, ongoing. You can get it from the online courses. I can give it to myself. You can get it by being in proximity – that is how my partner Shane mostly gets it, by living under the same roof with me. You can also get the direct access by taking a remarkable five-day silent retreat with Lola Jones. And from there you can be a giver or conduit for grace yourself. Yes, it is that easy!

Clearly, this is the spirituality many of us have been longing for: easy, obvious, accessible, transparent, powerful, personalized, infused with freedom, etc! I think of it as DIY consciousness!

Bottom line: divine openings is more powerful than anything I have ever experienced. It is available to you as my divine peer without the trappings of chains of command or other people’s rules. Because it is powerful and precious, I treat it with care and concern. I also charge for my time sharing it. That is just part of being in the time-space continuum, which is a very different energy from taking advantage of people’s neuroses to make myself rich. Can you feel the difference there?

I have created a life that has produced this result. I love sharing this! I do not proselytize; if anything, I have a marketing strategy that could be classified as “make ’em beg.”

I have scheduled my first “here it is” introductory program on Maui on Sunday August 19 (Updated…). It is free to attend however if you want to receive a live divine opening at the end of the program, the cost is $30. Plus remember the only rule: having Lola’s book to read. I will have them available for sale at $29, so you can save on shipping. You can also order from Lola’s website. Or you can buy Lola's book on amazonpurchase it on See? You have choices! The Lola link and the Amazon link are my affiliate links. You pay the same price, though I make a small percentage by having set up the affiliate program. Please be sure to join my email address so I can send you more information!

Spiritual enlightenment has arrived in the 21st century. Discover divine openings: no rules, lots of laughter, personalized just for you.

Photo Credit: People taking part in the annual Moon Amtrak in southern California.

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