Able to Fully Feel My Feelings Without Attaching Drama

I had an AMAZING experience. Can’t believe it …. still.

I began feeling a gentle, warm feeling all around my legs which felt really good. I tend to carry my anxiety/stress in a knotted-up stomach and I could feel my stomach literally being ‘un-knotted’ which also felt amazing. From there, it was just a feeling of absolute peace and equanimity. Further, I konked right out after the session and when I woke-up I’d been having a dream about the state of my relationship with my sister. In the past I would normally be very upset and crying – which would have been fine – but it was more a feeling of, “so this is where our relationship is right now and this is what I need to do to improve it.” I felt a little teary which was fine as you like to allow all feelings but normally my stomach would combine with the tears in a knot. This time my stomach wasn’t in knot’s or tense – it was relaxed. I was able to fully feel my feelings without attaching drama or anything else to this cognition. So, it was amazing for me!

– Rob Wilton, Saskatchewan

Rob is an advanced spiritual being (like all of us actually!) though in addition he has 25 years experience with Kundalini meditation. He discovered Lola’s site, and he said, “everything just resonated with me.”

Update: This is an update from Rob from a separate divine openings session:
WOW, was that ever amazing for me. I experienced so many things. For example: things being pulled out of me; a very cool feeling in my legs, feet and solar plexus. Not to mention that I ”went exterior” or had an out of body experience. I just floated around my room – incredible! It just felt so beautiful and full of bliss. I think you are an extraordinary Divine Opening Practitioner. I honestly cannot believe how powerful you must be to be able to transmit that amount of Divine Grace from Hawaii to Canada.

To clarify, much of this was Rob himself pulling the divine toward him; I think of myself as merely a conduit – creating the connection to what is already there! The receiver gets to choose how much to let in. Rob is, as we say, “lit up!” As I said to Rob, “Keep in mind, you can also have a divine opening yourself from the book! One things we don’t want to do is build a dependence on me. Yes I am a conduit – (and thank you for tapping me to the fullest!) – yet the divine and you are running the show! #HowCoolIsThat

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