Get Grace, Not a Guru

pine tree overlooking the sea from the island of LanaiWe live in the age of DIY, of personalization and customization. Or peer to peer networks and the democratization of information. So naturally, along comes a gateway to enlightenment that embodies all of those things, and sheds some of the requirements that used to belong to the concepts and practices of spiritual awakening.

As such, it expands into a much larger field of manifestation and practical life solutions, since there is no religious dogma getting in the way of one individual’s personal expression of themselves!

I recently ran an ad in the Maui Visions magazine. I waited until the last minute to be sure, and that meant there was only a business card size ad available to me – for which I was very grateful! That meant I had very little space and very few words to give a quick sense of what Divine Openings is about. This is the first time I have publicly advertised this here on Maui. And in any case I wanted to be concise, clear, and accurate.

Get Grace, Not a Guru.

That’s what came to me. Divine Openings is about getting a direct infusion of grace – which in itself can handle all of the other things you want. When Lola (the conceiver of Divine Openings) first received her enlightenment in India, it was via the traditional 30 days of silence. Yet her awakening was also infused with the notion that this is for everyone and is not something that requires guru oversight. You no longer have to go through or depend on another human being to get God. After all, even the most well-intentioned of us are still human – divine beings who have chosen to come here and play with limits and boundaries. We cannot be all or know all. And that is by design.

Anyone can attend Lola’s 5-Day Retreats and get initiated. And you can receive grace from Divine Openings from numerous sources – it is your choice! Enlightenment is no longer a secret club. It is something you can have, on your own terms, in your own time frame.

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Photo Credit: Pine tree overlooking the sea from the island of Lana?i – taken by yours truly!

About Roxanne

I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.


  1. I love the photo and it’s great to know you are a spiritual person as well as a lovely one too. As for me, I have two quotes I live by:
    “I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.” -Jesus
    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

    • Thank you Toby. I actually have considered my enlightenment or spiritual growth to be one of the most important areas of my life – I have just been very private about it for years. I LOVE bringing it forward now and having the freedom to – like you – choose quotes and wisdom that speak to me regardless of the source.

      To be continued! (And I am going to edit and add a photo credit – taken on the island of L?na?i.)