Getting Pleasure from Dropping in on Other People’s Lives

so pupuka blog logoI’ve been spending the last hour reading blogs from friends of mine here on Maui. My friend Visit her blog for all sorts of fun and inspiring and beautiful things. Liza Pierce started a Facebook group where we can all connect, and one of the key things to come from it is that we do a “blog hop” each month. Everyone shares a link to their blog, so the rest of us can wander around to read and leave comments!

The glass half-full folks see it as a way to meet more of one’s neighbors, to discover treats in our shared back yard, and to experience some virtual Aloha. That includes me.

It is so easy to get distracted by looking at the outer experience of things, especially in our rush rush life these days. We see the actions of a group of people and possibly make a snap judgment. But what is motivating me to jot down this post tonight, is to state out loud the very pleasurable experience I am having reading entries from neighbors and friends.

There is no agenda. There is no client-vendor relationship. Some topics are more interesting to me (in theory) than others – though each person’s style often overrides that setting. It just feels so nice.

One of the folks I would like to shout out to is Ihilani at her blog Life is So Pupuka. Pupuka is a Hawaiian word, and I really recommend you read the definition for yourself.

I linked to a recent post of hers showing pics and background story for her new home office – made almost entirely from found objects!

But just reading from so many blogs, it gave me a lovely shift of energy, a new smoothed mood, and for that all my dear friends, I am grateful.


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  1. Um WOW! Thanks for the shout out Roxanne! Totally unexpected. I too, am loving the connections and insights into the lives and work of others through MBN. There are just so many quality bloggers on Maui and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.