Why I Love Feeling Vulnerable

I considered myself a consciousness warrior for many years. Much as my inner small self (not to mention parents, teachers, friends, husbands, etc.) thought she had my life all neatly mapped out, I chose to push the limits of being free in this lifetime. FYI, I’m still on this journey. And happily so.

As a result I have continuously put myself in situations that I know will be challenging for me, because I know that the ROI is extraordinary! I have had mantras for years like “I am cultivating comfort in uncertainty.” Well, when you ask for that, your life does deliver a lot of opportunities where things don’t go as predicted!

On one hand, you might say, this makes total sense. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” So do things differently. Simple!

But in our day to day reality, how freaking easy is it to just do what we have always done? It’s very easy. It just doesn’t move me where I want to go, which is to be more free, less afraid of speaking my true feelings, and acting on my true desires. So how do I find the courage to be fearless?

With Divine Openings, and a direct connection to my source, I get to have both consciousness and comfort -> and it is really easy! I now have the backing of the entire universe. (And you can too.) Does it mean my fears have disappeared? Nope. It does mean that I can see them for what they are, feel my way through them, and act when I am ready. There is no pressure to be anyone, to prove anything. It is utterly delightful. Vulnerability is now one of my play things, not something to avoid at all costs.

So in the spirit of “The Power of Vulnerability” I offer this inspiring talk from Brene Brown at TedX. I just fell in love with her when I watched this. She articulates the challenge we have in this department. With Divine Openings though, you can skip the therapy and the suffering parts, if you want, and let the Divine do the heavy lifting for you!

Divine Openings can both give you access to the power of vulnerability while smoothing over the rough edges of feeling vulnerable. Yes, you can have it both ways!

Mahalo nui to TedxMaui for showing and sharing Brene’s video.

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I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.


  1. Well said, Rox. “Cultivating comfort in uncertainty in uncertainty” certainly makes life much more enjoyable… and more relaxing! Although I’d like to hear about your method of staying in direct connection to your source.

    As for cultivating uncertainty, your article reminded me a lot of an article I wrote a couple years ago about how to increase your power through travel. There are multiple ways to grow and stretch ourselves, but exposing myself to new places and experiences is certainly my favorite way 🙂

    By the way, when the heck are you going to do a TedTalk? You deserve to be up there!

    • Hi Again Andrew! I stay in direct connection to source through having received divine openings. It is like opening a portal, some describe it as opening the crown chakra, moving electrons around, entering the quantum field, etc. There is definitely a shift in physical reality and of course all kinds of shifts in psychological, emotional, and practical realities!

      Do you remember the Beachwalks episode about my silent retreat? When we dropped into the silence, I immediately felt a doorway (like a translucent sliding glass door) open beside my right shoulder. And there was the divine! I said, “You mean you have been there all this time, this close???” And source smiled sweetly and said “Yes. Welcome Roxanne.”

      So I frequently (many times a day) go inside and talk to the presence (as I call it) and carry on all kinds of conversation. And for three years now I have been helping others find the handle to slide that door open. Once you’ve found the handle, you are on your own and off to living instead of seeking!

      Thanks fort he TedTalk recommendation. 🙂 I was thinking I could give one on not paying it forward. Coming soon to a blog page near you! Thanks for stopping by. Love, Rox

      PS I love travel too for its mind and heart-opening gifts!

  2. Wow, thank so much for the description and story, Rox! Reminds me of the white room Erin Pavlina goes into to talk to her spirit guides.

    So paying it forward isn’t a good idea? Feel free to email me at this address when you publish something about that.