Grateful for Everything, Yes Everything

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I updated my blog software today before adding a new entry; the whole thing broke! It was due to a plug-in incompatibility. It fit in perfectly with what I had logged in to write about!

One of my current transitions is completing some client projects that I have procrastinated on. The reasons don’t matter but the energy does: I have lost interest. This is stirring the pot for me and bringing up a lot of frustration, anger, disappointment, and the like. I slipped off my wagon earlier today and attempted to unload this on my partner. Silly move! He’s not that good a listener on these sorts of things, AND, boy am I grateful for that!

Why? Because unloading on another person is a very inefficient way to deal with these kinds of feelings. Much smarter to take them to the Source, and unplug them from the he said-she said-they said stories. Those stories just perpetuate the feelings, they don’t dissipate them! All that matters is that the feelings felt bad, that got my attention, and now I can look at what I want to be doing with the preciousness of my time and of me.

When you realize that everything is moving you in the direction you want, it is easy to embrace. Easy to let go of that which hurts, feels bad, etc.

Everything that happens to you is 100% for you.

And isn’t it brilliant that the Universe can have all this interplay (you complaining, him responding “poorly”, you waking up to a better plan…) with utter disregard for a balance sheet? It does not have to make sense to a human mind (partner acting irritating to help me redirect consciousness) or satisfy earthly rules of math. (Who knows if/how this made sense in his universe!)

That is the point of living here in our overlapping yet parallel and individual realities.

None of these actors in my play are good or bad per se; they are just filling roles that I have created to help me become more conscious of who I am and what I want. We are acting in each other’s plays all the time. The roles and the scripts themselves really are not the point. There is no need to track them, measure them, compare them.

The point is to keep moving in the direction of bliss, of grace. By being grateful for every feeling, every incident, every actor, I can do that even when I am so-called “feeling like crap or pissed off or down in the dumps.”

You know it is easy to feel grateful for the “feels good” stuff. But your life will shift dramatically when you are grateful for the yucky stuff!

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