How Does Bin Laden’s Death Fit Into Consciousness?

The energy that has been created upon the news of Osama bin Laden’s assassination is vibrating at such a high level here in my corner of the universe – the United States of America. It gives us students of consciousness an opportunity to ride the waves and expand our understanding of “how life works here now and in the hereafter.” Jump to the end to watch a video about the conflict of war and peace I filmed in 2006 on this topic at the “Punchbowl” Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii.

First let me my state my belief to give you a frame of reference:

I believe we are all expressions of God, of the universal intelligence that populates all Universes seen and unseen. That of course includes, you, me, Barack Obama, and Osama Bin Laden. I do not believe in absolute good and evil; I do believe these are concepts that “we” of universal consciousness created to make life here as humans more exciting. I believe that when we all die, we return to the source of all things tangible and intangible. I believe we choose what sorts of roles we want to play when we incarnate and that life here on Earth is very similar to the dramas we see at the movie theatre. At the end of all the entertainment, the curtain rises and we are all safe.

This belief allows me to see Bin Laden as a fellow traveler from the Divine source and also be able to feel a sense of joy at the mastery of gamesmanship in his capture that was demonstrated by the U.S. forces, not least of whom includes the “cool cat” aka Commander in Chief, President Obama! I do not experience a conflict of consciousness though I personally prefer peace over conflict and truth over deception. I am sharing in the joy that surrounds me just as I shared in the profound sadness of 9/11. To experience emotions is one of the “rich media” highlights of being alive in this great movie drama called Humanity.

I understand the sadness, grief, and anger the “other side” feels at the loss of their super hero, as indeed Bin Laden was a super hero! Though I suspect it pales in comparison to what the people of New York City experienced on 9/11/2001. The point of consciousness is not to run from or repress our feelings, but to embrace them and breathe with them, then frame them from that larger world view that this is all a game. We are all ultimately safe. Death is a departure from the here and now but also a reunion with the omniscient presence from whence we came.

All of which further strengthens my understanding that this — life here now amongst us humans — is really just a game. We are living in the most spectacular playground where we each, as soul entities, are free to do and say whatever we please. Yes, there are limits and there are consequences; these are the limits we clearly understood as we chose to incarnate. These limits actually enhance the game, add to the drama, and give force to the unbridled joy we experience at the moment of any “victory.”

So if you consider yourself a peacenik, a person of nonviolence, I hope to comfort you in the preferences you have chosen and which you are free to defend and promote in this lifetime. (Who knows, perhaps next time some of us will be curious to see what it is like to be a “bad guy or a bad girl”?) But your peace-loving values do not preclude you from having moments of joy as one team (our team?) scores a stunning goal.

If anything, we could speculate that those of us who prefer peace have inserted our energy into this struggle between Bin Laden and the USA, which has now resulted not in World War III, but in a classic surgical strike that caused minimal loss of life and destruction! Even if you don’t buy “we are all a piece of God” you can still be happy for the extraordinarily minor fallout from Bin Laden’s capture.

I leave you with this Beach Walks with Rox episode that was originally filmed for Memorial Day in 2006. I’d love to hear your comments on this as I am interested in knowing fellow students of consciousness who embrace the celestially large picture in times of great confusion or tumult.

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