Divine Openings Mini-Retreat in Florida

Would you like a mini-retreat filled with ease and light-hearted energy that will have a profound effect on your life? I will be offering a three hour mini-retreat on Sunday, December 5th sharing Divine Openings and the consciousness secrets from Lola Jones’ book, Things are going great in my absence. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

Date: Sunday, December 5, 2010
Time: 3 – 6 pm
Location: The Good Life Center
11000 Prosperity Farms RD, Suite 100
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Local Contact: Sara: 561-329-5276
Cost: $30 Per Person; you will receive a hands-on Divine Opening IF you have a copy of the book: Things are Going Great in My Absence)

UPDATE: This retreat now has a virtual option! “Need not be present to win” means you can attend via the live video stream from any location.

Be sure to go buy the book (a PDF eBook will be available to you instantly so you can start reading!) then come back here and register for the mini-retreat. You do not have to have read the book before the retreat; you will be required to have a copy to receive a live Divine Opening though.

You do your 10%, and Grace does 90% of it for you. You learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Divine Openings initiates or deepens spiritual enlightenment, reconnects and upgrades your DNA, lights up your light body, wakes up your full power, ignites your Divine Intelligence (inner genius), and resolves your “issues” — and once you are free, you don’t ever have to go back. We humorously refer to it as getting on the automatic upgrade program of spiritual awakening. Once it begins, it keeps unfolding like a beautiful lotus, in every area of your life. – Lola Jones

Divine Openings shows you the way to your own inner guidance, without the need for gurus or rituals. You learn that karma is not real and you are free to explore the rest of your lifetime as a divine being having a human experience, in a truly grounded and real way. Are you willing to let “spirituality” be real in the here and now? Divine Openings takes what you have learned out of the abstract and turbo charges you to manifest your dreams.

You can read more about Divine Openings here. Or click on the Divine Comments link to read about other people’s experiences.

Why Is the Book Required?
The gift of Divine Grace means that 90% is done for you – the book helps sort out the 10% that is your conscious mind and free will. Plus, you will be able to receive Divine Openings from the book after this retreat is over! I have read it several times, and I am certain you will treasure it as a practical guide to consciousness. It deals with life in general, relationships, business situations, everyday spirituality, and all with Lola’s great sense of humor!

If you want to tell your friends, you can Download and Share the Retreat Flyer. (PDF) many thanks!


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